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SA Ahad
Jul 28, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
In the past half century, Hong Kong has seen two large waves of immigration. The first time was before and after the Sino-British negotiations in 1984. Hong Kong people were worried that after the handover of sovereignty of Hong Kong, the inherent political system and life would be greatly impacted, so the idea of ​​immigrating was born. The average number of immigrants popular database is about 20,000 per year. The second time was around the handover of Hong Kong sovereignty in 1997, but after 2000, the number of immigrants gradually decreased and stabilized. The article is reproduced with the authorization of the author, see the author's blog for the original text . Responsible editor: Alvin Review editor: Alex [Join a member of Key Comments Network] Every day, wonderful and good articles are delivered directly to your mailbox, and you can enjoy exclusive weekly editorial selections, current affairs selections, art and literature weekly newspapers and other special electronic newspapers. You can also leave a message to discuss the content of the article with authors, reporters, and editors. Click to join for free now!
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SA Ahad

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