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Sunday Dinner With Momma Bear

So I attempt to make dinner dates with my mother at least once a week. I usually strive to make Sunday a no excuse bar no expense Meal arrangement date with momma bear. Typically its a pre hang out. Shoot the Sh*t with her and make dinner, then enjoy grub with one another and then usually I cross my fingers that she will do the dishes because i hate doing that sort of task. I dont like getting my hands wet. Dont like the feeling. Yes I know I need therapy. Hahaha.

We did a lil Mexicano Evening.

Chicken Fajitas. (Chicken Diced, Red Onion, Red and Yellow Peppers seasonsed to slimy tasty perfection.

I love Sweet Chili Heat Doritos. Now I dont recommend making nachos with these tasty lovely traiangular shaped pieces clearly dropped from the skys of heaven. The reason for this is some how you wind up baking all the flavour out of the chip. We were both caught off guard how surprisingly less flavour was missing from the Doritos after we had baked them.

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